The Point-Counterpoint Issue


Contentious debates are at the heart of philosophy. Schools and thinkers have clashed for ages over questions both big and small. Heavyweight bouts line the marquee of philosophy: idealism vs. materialism, asceticism vs. hedonism, nominalism vs. realism, the French vs. age of consent laws. At their best, clashes of ideas hone both sides of arguments: interlocutors in Socratic dialogues pushed one another to flesh out their answers; Hume awakened Kant from his dogmatic slumber. UCPR seeks to continue this philosophical tradition through our Point-Counterpoint Issue. Our writers proposed divisive topics and took up opposing sides in their pieces. Yet, their work was more collaborative than combative. By forcing each other to think through problems from a multitude of perspectives, our writers produced rich explorations of such daunting questions as the value of life, the merits of cleanliness, and the propriety of censorship. We hope you find something insightful or profoundly incorrect in these works. Either way, these pieces should be thought-provoking.

-Max Servetar and Noelle Norona, Editors-in-Chief

On academic thought

Is life precious?

Asceticism vs. hedonism