How we work

The UCPR ( is always taking submissions for our blog. Some of the submissions we receive will be reserved for print.

The kinds of submissions we are looking to publish in print are:

  • In-depth, well argued, interesting, philosophically inclined papers
  • Book reviews
  • Philosophically inspired art
  • Philosophical dialogues and fictions

The kinds of submissions we are looking to publish online are:

  • Interviews and profiles
  • Philosophy news
  • Philosophical explainers
  • Point-counterpoint debates
  • Short thinkpieces
  • Audio and video submissions
  • Most things! If it’s philosophy-related, send it our way

The publication process goes something like this:

  • We receive a submission
  • The editor-in-chiefs screen submissions for discussion
  • Selected submissions will be placed into either the “paper” or “multimedia” categories
  • The editors and deputy editor for that category will discuss the submission
  • If the submissions is approved, that section editor will work with their team to compile the materials needed for publication, such as art, research, edits, references, etc.
  • The section editor will send the finalized submission to the editors
  • The editors make final changes and publish the article