Film and Philosophy

There might be a general impression that philosophy as a discipline takes itself to be removed; that it concerns itself with lofty contemplation from the armchair. It might seem strange, then, that the topic of a philosophy-oriented journal is film. On one hand, film is entertainment; we go to the movies to escape our day-to-day and get a glimpse into a world that is creative and otherwise different than ours. On the other hand, we can see film as an artistic medium that draws on and asks questions about some of our philosophical contemplations. In this issue, we hope to dive into this nuanced relationship between film and philosophy, looking at how one can impact the other. In this issue of thoughtfully-wrought pieces from UChicago’s undergraduate community, we hope that we can provide an illuminating glance into the philosophical undertones of our favorite films.

Find the pieces from this issue below:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


Marriage Story