We’re Back With a New Issue: Health and Sickness

The Review has been on a publishing hiatus the last two months. But, we’ve been hard at work preparing a brand new issue for our loyal readers. This time around, we are making “Health and Sickness” our topic. Please join us on May 24th from 3-5PM in McCormick Tribune Lounge for a very special launch event!

We will start things off with a keynote address from Eugene Raikhel, a medical anthropologist in the Comparative Human Development department. Then, we will discuss the article “The Human and the Octopus” published in The Point Magazine with editor Ben Jeffery. People who attend this event will be offered a special discount for subscriptions to The Point as a part of this collaboration! Before closing the event, we will go over the issue itself while distributing copies. We hope that you can make it! You can keep up-to-date by clicking this link.

For our online readers, we have a special inside look at some of the essays to be featured in our issue! Here are a few of the accepted submissions:

“Suffering and Illness” by Varun

“What is so Valuable About Public Health?” by David

“What are Eulogies For?” by Ben

“Disease in Classical Republicanism,” by Wen Li

“Constructing the Beautiful Black Woman,” by Adrienne

“When Emily’s Heart Stopped Beating,” by Abigail

“Health as Theological,” by Pranati

“The Zombification of Human Variation,” by Eleanor

“Trusting the Ill Man,” by Dilara

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